Wool it make money? Wiscasset’s First Congo offers 'sheep' flockings

Posted:  Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 7:15pm

The sheep were not grazing but they were there for anyone's gazing Sunday in front of, behind and inside First Congregational Church of Wiscasset UCC. Michelle Peele of Alna said she and husband and fellow church member Ed Peele used a pattern she found online to make 48 white and two black sheep of corrugated signboard to raise funds for the church and levity and togetherness for the community.

Plans called for the sheep to go into storage by Sunday night and come out when a donor requests a flocking to a lawn to celebrate or bring other cheer to anyone in or outside the church, no more than 10 miles from it, organizers said. The flock will leave after three days, or sooner if the recipient requests, Pastor Josh Fitterling said.

The suggested minimum donation is $25, according to an announcement in programs for the morning service. Explaining the project in an interview afterward, Fitterling said shepherding is a theme in the scriptures. "So this is a reminder that we are all just one flock, whether the flock is the church or the community, we're all in this together."

Fitterling and members interviewed think it could be fun. They enjoyed seeing the sheep. "It's certainly different, isn't it," Emily Adler said from the fellowship hall's kitchen as she and Martha Speed prepared the hall for a post-service gathering. "It's quite unique."

"I think it's cute," Speed said.

Fitterling said a flocking can be anonymous but needs to come with a note. If a lawn won't fit 50 sheep or bookings are in demand, a smaller flock might appear.

How long will the flockings continue? "We figure we'll see how long there's an energy and a joy for it. And when not, we'll retire the sheep," he said, smiling.

Peele said she is excited about it all. "I think this could be a really positive thing for the town."

For more, call the church at 882-7544.