Y-Arts, Junior Theater Festival subject of ‘207’

Posted:  Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 10:45am

Don’t miss Channel 6’s “207” program Wednesday, Feb. 21 when the Y-Arts Youth and Junior Theater Festival show airs at 7 p.m.

Emily Mirabile, arts and humanities director at the Boothbay Region YMCA, and Y-Arts director received word from Rob Nesbitt at Channel 6 yesterday confirming the segment for tomorrow.

At the Junior Theater Festival, held Jan. 13-15, Y-Arts presented selections from Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach JR. for composer, director, producer and music director David Weinstein (The Musical Adventures of Flat StanleyRoald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach) and Kennedy Center director Deirdre Kelly Lavrakas (Walking in the Winds: American Tales and Walking in the Winds: Arabian Tales – a co-production with the Performing Arts Center of Amman, Jordan), who directed two musical theatre reviews for a state department tour of South Asia and has led drama workshops for teachers and students in Bahrain.

The Y-Arts students who traveled to the 2017 iTheatrics Junior Theater Festival: Avery Barter, Jacob Bishopp, Jordan Chamness, Phoebe Cook, Ronan Cullina, Aaron Densmore, Emily Densmore, Taylor Fish, Helen Hamblett, Lincoln Hamblett, Emerson Harris, Lilley Harris, Sarah Harris, Ellie Hilscher, Rick Hilscher, Jackie McLoon, Katy Nein, Lily Nein,  Brynna Nelson, Madison Phelps, Spencer Pottle, Trey Tibbetts, Noelle Timberlake, Emma Tolley, Katherine Tolley and Kayleigh Tolley.